Maasai Apple Pie

By Marcia Moore RDH

This is my third trip to Siana Springs working in the World Health Dental Clinic. During these trips I was able to see the progression of a training center being built and completed. It’s a beautiful building and addition to the dental compound. I am especially impressed by the kitchen!! So is Dennis, the grounds keeper, chef and now friend.

As we were talking one day, he decided that he would like to learn a couple of traditional American recipes since he cooks for some of the volunteers at the clinic. We had so many ideas but with the lack of ingredients, we were a bit stifled in our creativity. We decided we needed the pantry of Siana Springs, the adjoining Safari camp where we take most of our meals. So we sauntered over and asked the head cook if we could have some groceries. The three of us put our heads together and the conversation went something like this….”Do you have butter? No. Do you have cooking oil? No. Do you have powdered sugar? No. Then I saw the apples….. What is more traditional than American apple pie?

We set a date at the training center’s beautiful kitchen; of course we began late. Dennis and the head chef at the lodge did an excellent job assembling our apple pies. We used a lard like margarine and tart pans which wasn’t ideal. Flour flew for 30 minutes!

I could see immediately that they liked learning new recipes. The pies were beautiful. So into the preheated oven and………Oh, NO, the generator was to turn off in 15 minutes, hence no electricity. The pies needed to bake for almost an hour. Needing to go see a patient we put the pies into the preheated oven and I instructed the 2 chefs NOT to open the oven door no matter how good it smelled! After an hour or so Voila! Two beautiful apple pies were served after lunch. We gave 2 thumbs up for the Maasai apple pie. I am following up by sending other recipes the 2 chefs want to try.

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