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Mandy McGill - Director of Education and Outreach

Healthy Smiles in Africa: A Dental Hygienist’s Vision

We’re so excited to share that WHDO’s Director of Education and Outreach, Mandy McGill, is a Reader’s Choice finalist in Oh! Canada Magazine for her article about the amazing work …

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Meet Dr. Emelie Astrom!

Meet Dr. Emelie Astrom, a dentist from Sweden with a smile that shines brightly and brings warmth to those around her. Emelie shows true compassion and empathy towards others. This …

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Meet Mandy McGill !

Meet Mandy McGill, WHDO’s Director of Education and Outreach. She’s been volunteering with WHDO since 2017. Mandy creates educational programs for moms and kids and school-based programs at MDC, empowering …

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