Houston, we have internet at the MDC!

Hello World,

I’m pleased to share that the VSAT satellite technology we purchased for Maasai Dental Clinic is now installed!

Our stalwart MDC Manager William, a space engineering technician, and I worked to get the satellite internet system up and running. We dug trenches, cleaned off the roof of the equipment shed, installed the antenna system on the roof, and ran internet cables in and around the buildings and underground to connect all the routers and access points. All this to ensure consistent strong signals throughout the property.

I’m proud to share we now have amazing internet connectivity at all corners of the MDC compound and in all buildings. I was even able to walk along the perimeter fence with a consistent, strong internet connectivity!

This is a huge step forward in delivering quality dental care to the people of the Mara. We can’t wait for you to visit to MDC and be able to share all about your experiences while you’re here.

Dr.  John Barrett

President of World Health Dental Organization

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